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Balcioglu, H.E., van Hoorn H., Donato D.M., Schmidt T., Danen E.H.J. (2015) The integrin expression profile modulates orientation and dynamics of force transmission at cell-matrix adhesions Journal of Cell Science 128 (7) p. 1316 - 1326.
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Benard, E.L., Racz P.I., Rougeot J., Nezhinsky A.E., Verbeek F.J., Spaink H.P., Meijer A.H. (2015) Macrophage-expressed perforins mpeg1 and mpeg1.2 have an anti-bacterial function in zebrafish. J Innate Immun 7 (2) p. 136-52. Abstract
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Benedetti, G., Fokkelman M., Yan K.K., Fredriksson L., Herpers B., Meerman J., van de Water B., de Graauw M. (2013) The Nuclear Factor  κB Family Member RelB Facilitates Apoptosis of Renal Epithelial Cells Caused by Cisplatin/Tumor Necrosis Factor   Synergy by Suppressing an Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition-Like Phenotypic Switch Molecular Pharmacology 84 (1): Springer p. 128 - 138.
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van den Berg, S.M., Seijkens T.T.P., Kusters P.J.H., Zarzycka B., Beckers L., den Toom M., Gijbels M.J.J., Chatzigeorgiou A., Weber C., de Winther M.P.J., Chavakis T., Nicolaes G.A.F., Lutgens E. (2014) Blocking CD40-TRAF6 interactions by small-molecule inhibitor 6860766 ameliorates the complications of diet-induced obesity in mice International Journal of Obesity.
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de Bono, B., Kasteleyn P., Potikanond D., Kokash N., Verbeek, F J., Grenon P. (2012) Tissue Motifs and Multi-scale Transport Physiology Workshop of Ontologies in Biomedicine and Life Sciences.
ter Braak, B., Siezen C., Speksnijder E.N., Koedoot E., van Steeg H., Salvatori D., van de Water B., van der Laan J. (2015) Mammary gland tumor promotion by chronic administration of IGF1 and the insulin analogue AspB10 in the p53R270H/+WAPCre mouse model Breast Cancer Research 17 (1) p. 14.
ter Braak, B., Wink S., Koedoot E., Pont C., Siezen C., van der Laan J.W., van de Water B. (2015) Alternative signaling network activation through different insulin receptor family members caused by pro-mitogenic antidiabetic insulin analogues in human mammary epithelial cells Breast Cancer Research 17 (1).
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Bronsveld, H.K., ter Braak B., Karlstad Ø., Vestergaard P., Starup-Linde J., Bazelier M.T., De Bruin M.L., de Boer A., Siezen C.L.E., van de Water B., van der Laan J.W., Schmidt M.K. (2015) Treatment with insulin (analogues) and breast cancer risk in diabetics; a systematic review and meta-analysis of in vitro, animal and human evidence Breast Cancer Research 17 (1).
ten Bruggencate, F., Laroche F., Zhang Y., Song G., Yin S., Abrahams J.P., Liu Z. (2013) Visualizing the localization of transfection complexes during graphene nanoparticle-based transfection Journal of Materials Chemistry B 1 (46): Springer p. 6353.