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Damiano, L., Le Dévédec S.E., Di Stefano P., Repetto D., Lalai R., Truong H.H., Xiong J.J.L., Danen E.H.J., Yan K.K., Verbeek F.J., De Luca E., Attanasio F., Buccione R., Turco E., et al. (2011) p140Cap suppresses the invasive properties of highly metastatic MTLn3-EGFR cells via impaired cortactin phosphorylation Oncogene.
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Di, Z., Herpers B., Fredriksson L., Yan K., van de Water B., Verbeek F.J., Meerman J.H.N. (2013) Automated Analysis of NF-κB Nuclear Translocation Kinetics in High-Throughput Screening PLoS ONE 7 (12): Springer p. e52337.
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Diebolder, C. A., Halff E. F., Koster A. J., Huizinga E. G., Koning R. I. (2015) Cryoelectron Tomography of the NAIP5/NLRC4 Inflammasome: Implications for NLR Activation Structure 23 (12) p. 2349 - 2357. Abstract
Dijkgraaf, I., Van de Vijver P., Dirksen A., Hackeng T.M. (2013) Synthesis and application of cNGR-containing imaging agents for detection of angiogenesis Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 21 (12), Totowa, NJ, Humana Press p. 3555 - 3564.
Driessen, M., Kienhuis A.S., Pennings J.L.A., Pronk T.E., Brandhof E.-J., Roodbergen M., Spaink H.P., Water B., Ven L.T.M. (2013) Exploring the zebrafish embryo as an alternative model for the evaluation of liver toxicity by histopathology and expression profiling Archives of Toxicology 87 (5): Springer p. 807 - 823.