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Faas, F.G.A., Bárcena M., Agronskaia A.V., Gerritsen H.C., Moscicka K.B., Diebolder C.A., van Driel L.F., Limpens R.W.A.L., Bos E., Ravelli R.B.G., Koning R.I., Koster A.J. (2013) Localization of fluorescently labeled structures in frozen-hydrated samples using integrated light electron microscopy Journal of Structural Biology 181 (3): Springer p. 283 - 290.
Faas, F.G.A., Avramut M.C., M. van den Berg B., Mommaas A.M., Koster A.J., Ravelli R.B.G. (2012) Virtual nanoscopy: Generation of ultra-large high resolution electron microscopy maps The Journal of Cell Biology 198 (393473371-482104429822311Pt 1412343321131221542436214111131) p. 457 - 469.
Fitzsimons, C.P., van Hooijdonk L.W.A., Schouten M., Zalachoras I., Brinks V., Zheng T., Schouten T.G., Saaltink D.J., Dijkmans T., Steindler D.A., Verhaagen J., Verbeek F.J., Lucassen P.J., de Kloet E.R., et al. (2013) Knockdown of the glucocorticoid receptor alters functional integration of newborn neurons in the adult hippocampus and impairs fear-motivated behavior Molecular Psychiatry 18 (9) p. 993 - 1005.
Fredriksson, L., Herpers B., Benedetti G., Matadin Q., Puigvert J.C., de Bont H., Dragovic S., Vermeulen N.P.E., Commandeur J.N.M., Danen E.H.J., de Graauw M., van de Water B. (2011) Diclofenac inhibits tumor necrosis factor-α-induced nuclear factor-κB activation causing synergistic hepatocyte apoptosis Hepatology 53 (6) p. 2027 - 2041.
Fredriksson, L., Wink S., Herpers B., Benedetti G., Hadi M., de Bont H., Groothuis G., Luijten M., Danen E., de Graauw M., Meerman J., van de Water B. (2014) Drug-induced endoplasmic reticulum and oxidative stress responses independently sensitize toward TNFα-mediated hepatotoxicity. Toxicol Sci 140 (1) p. 144-59. Abstract