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van Oosterwijk, J.G., van Ruler M.A.J.H., Briaire-de Bruijn I.H., Herpers B., Gelderblom H., van de Water B., Bovée J.V.M.G. (2013) Src kinases in chondrosarcoma chemoresistance and migration: dasatinib sensitises to doxorubicin in TP53 mutant cells British Journal of Cancer 109 (5), Totowa, NJ, Humana Press p. 1214 - 1222.
Ordas, A., Kanwal Z., Lindenberg V., Rougeot J., Mink M., Spaink H.P., Meijer A.H. (2013) MicroRNA-146 function in the innate immune transcriptome response of zebrafish embryos to Salmonella typhimurium infection BMC Genomics 14 (1): Springer p. 696.