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Ramaiahgari, S.C., den Braver M.W., Herpers B., Terpstra V., Commandeur J.N.M., van de Water B., Price L.S. (2014) A 3D in vitro model of differentiated HepG2 cell spheroids with improved liver-like properties for repeated dose high-throughput toxicity studies Archives of Toxicology.
Ritz, K., Denswil N.P., Stam O.C.G., van Lieshout J.J., Daemen M.J.A.P. (2014) Cause and Mechanisms of Intracranial Atherosclerosis Circulation 130 (16) p. 1407 - 1414.
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van Roosmalen, W., Le Dévédec S.E., Golani O., Smid M., Pulyakhina I., Timmermans A.M., Look M.P., Zi D., Pont C., de Graauw M., Naffar-Abu-Amara S., Kirsanova C., Rustici G., Hoen P.A.C. ‘t, et al. (2015) Tumor cell migration screen identifies SRPK1 as breast cancer metastasis determinant Journal of Clinical Investigation 125 (4) p. 1648 - 1664.