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Tleis, M., Anemaet G., van Heusden P., Verbeek F. (2013) Image analysis platform for yeast biologists 2013 2nd International Conference on Advances in Biomedical Engineering (ICABME)2013 2nd International Conference on Advances in Biomedical Engineering 22 (4), Tripoli, Lebanon, IEEE p. 105 - 108.
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Truong, H.H., Xiong J., Ghotra V.P.S., Nirmala E., Haazen L., Le Devedec S.E., Balcio lu H.E., He S., Snaar-Jagalska B.E., Vreugdenhil E., Meerman J.H.N., van de Water B., Danen E.H.J. (2014) β1 Integrin Inhibition Elicits a Prometastatic Switch Through the TGFβ-miR-200-ZEB Network in E-Cadherin-Positive Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Science Signaling 7 (312): Springer p. ra15 - ra15.