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Wallin, C., Kulkarni Y.S., Abelein A., Jarvet J., Liao Q., Strodel B., Olsson L., Luo J., Abrahams J.P., Sholts S.B., Roos P.M., Kamerlin S.C.L., Gräslund A., Wärmländer S.K.T.S. (2016) Characterization of Mn(II) ion binding to the amyloid-β peptide in Alzheimer’s disease Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology.
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Wink, S., Hiemstra S., Huppelschoten S., Danen E., Niemeijer M., Hendriks G., Vrieling H., Herpers B., van de Water B. (2014) Quantitative High Content Imaging of Cellular Adaptive Stress Response Pathways in Toxicity for Chemical Safety Assessment Chemical Research in Toxicology 27 (3) p. 338 - 355.
Winn, M.D., Ballard C.C., Cowtan K.D., Dodson E.J., Emsley P., Evans P.R., Keegan R.M., Krissinel E.B., Leslie A.G.W., McCoy A., McNicholas S.J., Murshudov G.N., Pannu N.S., Potterton E.A., et al. (2011) Overview of the CCP 4 suite and current developments Acta Crystallographica Section D Biological Crystallography 67 (4) p. 235 - 242.
de Winter, M.D.A., Mesman R.J., Hayles M.F., Schneijdenberg C.T.W.M., Mathisen C., Post J.A. (2013) In-situ integrity control of frozen-hydrated, vitreous lamellas prepared by the cryo-focused ion beam-scanning electron microscope Journal of Structural Biology 183 (1), Totowa, NJ, Humana Press p. 11 - 18.