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Zarzycka, B., Kuenemann M.A., Miteva M.A., Nicolaes G.A.F., Vriend G., Sperandio O. (2016) Stabilization of protein–protein interaction complexes through small molecules Drug Discovery Today 21 (1) p. 48 - 57.
Zarzycka, B., Seijkens T., Nabuurs S.B., Ritschel T., Grommes J., Soehnlein O., Schrijver R., van Tiel C.M., Hackeng T.M., Weber C., Giehler F., Kieser A., Lutgens E., Vriend G., et al. (2015) Discovery of Small Molecule CD40–TRAF6 Inhibitors Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 55 (2) p. 294 - 307.
Zarzycka, B., Nicolaes G.A.F., Lutgens E. (2015) Targeting the adaptive immune system: new strategies in the treatment of atherosclerosis Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology 8 (3) p. 297 - 313.