Towards better diagnostic tools: integrating bioimaging technologies

The Cyttron II research consists of four research themes and nine workpackages.

From molecules and cells...

In research theme 1 we want to understand how molecular structural aberrations lead to cellular abnormalities. Within this research theme we will extend technology developed in Cyttron I for applications in pathology. At the same time we work on expanding the range of high resolution imaging by cryo-electron microscopy.

to tissue...

In research theme 2 we focus on optical and mass spectroscopy technologies for analysing tissue. We aim at developing, extending and validating these technologies for diagnostic applications.

to organ...

The projects we work on in research theme 3 were initiated in parent consortium MIIHD. We will further develop diagnostic tools that can be used for initiating personalized treatment of patients at high risk for developing heart disease. We will also work on a novel contrast agent for detecting active thrombus formation.

combined into a single software platform

Research theme 4 continues on the Cyttron I delivered database and visualisation platform. This software will be extended for applications in pathology. We already have a framework for annotating and analyzing large numbers of images and structures. This is required to support knowledge discovery and pattern recognition tasks.