WP3.1 Frizzled: Novel myofibroblast markers

Work package 3.1
WP3.1 Frizzled: Novel myofibroblast markers

Myofibroblasts in the infarct area can preserve cardiac function after a heart attack. Imaging the myofibroblast content can thus be useful for estimating the risk of heart failure after a myocardial infarction. We want to provide proof of concept of myofibroblast imaging using so called frizzled ligands as markers. We will use different model systems and translate these findings to patient material. Furthermore we will do research to optimize the new diagnostic tool. We aim at using the method for classifying patients into low- and high risk groups for heart failure development.

Figure: Adapted from Laeremans H,  Hackeng TM, van Zandvoort MAMJ, Thijssen VLJL, Janssen BJA, Ottenheijm HCJ, Smits JFM and Blankesteijn WM. Blocking of frizzled signaling with a homologous peptide fragment of Wnt3a/Wnt5a reduces infarct expansion and prevents the development of heart failure after myocardial infarction. Circulation 2011; 124:1626-1635

Work package leader(s): 
Matthijs Blankesteijn, Dr.
Peter Timmerman, Prof. dr.